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Special offer- Škoda Octavia III Kombi

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Škoda Octavia III FCL kombi TDI 85 kW

performance 85 kW, Diesel   gearbox Manual

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Do you need a car to drive to work or buy some products in the shop? Do not want to bind yourself with obligations and pay starting fees? In this case this offer is right for you!

Taggart car rental has prepared for you 10 completely new Škoda Octavia III 85 kW for the special price 10.500 CZK without VAT/  12.705 CZK with VAT in case of monthly rental with no obligations and starting fees. More information about this vehicle you will find in the description of Škoda Octavia.

Special offer description:

  • Monthly limit 2000 km (in case of need it is possible to exceed to 3000 km/month). In case of long term rental you can add up the remaining kilometers to the next month.
  • You can prolong your rental under the same conditions and for the same price.
  • We will deliver and pick up the car FOR FREE within Prague.
  • Rental without obligations and starting fees.
  • All cars are fully insured. You will not have to worry about services as these are completely new cars!
  • The offer is valid for both companies and individuals. 
  • In order to rent a car you just need a valid ID and driver's licence, pay the rent (cash, credit card or bank transfer) and leave a returnable deposit of 10.000 CZK. The deposit will be returned as soon as you return the car.
  • The offer is valid until the last car.
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2 000 km

limit of km

10 500 CZK without tax

12 705 CZK with tax

per month
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3 000 km

limit of km

13000 CZK without tax

15 730 CZK with tax

per month
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4 500

limit of km

16000 CZK without tax

19 360 CZK with tax

per month

FULL SERVICE is included


over the whole Czech republic








and toll for the radio






of the car
* note: min. 6 months rent, ** note: in case of car accident from the complulsory car insurance

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Delivery right at your doors

in Prague for FREE

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Customers Reviews
Hilary M.

Excellent car rental company. Really efficient and great that they delivered and collected the car in the city centre of Prague for us. Car was very well maintained and would highly recommended this company for anyone looking to hire a vehicle whilst in Prague!

Wendy J.

Excellent service, I've used the company twice for long term rental. Beside the fact that their prices are excellent, the service is amazing, the car was always ready on time at the airport, once I needed to pick it up a bit earlier which wasn't a problem same as returning car slightly later (and during the weekend) because of heavy traffic. I also extended both rentals over the phone which was both times accommodated without any problem. Last time I dropped the car off at the airport and the gentleman who came to pick the car up helped me with all my luggage when he saw I have a three-month-old with me. I will definitely use the for all my future rentals.

Marcello G.

Professional. Very good experience. Driver delivered and picked up the car perfectly on time. Recommended!

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