History of Taggart Car Rental Prague

“We care about your life the same way as we care about our own, so we would never rent you a car, which we would not drive by ourselves”

Taggart car rental Prague is more than 10 years on the market, and during this time we have earned a reputation of a trustworthy and reliable partner for the uncountable number of our customers. Nowadays, our fleet consists of hundreds of cars for long term and short term rent. Taggart company is unique, as we offer our clients to rent a car in Prague for a reasonable price, having a wide selection of vehicles and the highest level of services.

Taggart car rental guarantees:


Did you know, that rental cars which are more than 3 years old loose rapidly on safety and reliability? This is given by the fact, that not all customers treat rental cars the same way as they would treat their own. Many rental companies, in order to save on costs, would offer you vehicles with over 120.000 km mileage. 

You would not find any of this at Taggart. Reliability is one of our main pillars and the reason why a lot of customers keep coming back to us. All of our cars are maximum 2 years old, the average mileage of our fleet is around 30.000 km. We carefully check all warranty and oil services, be sure that you will receive a car in a perfect technical condition. 


We do not hide the age and appearance of the car. We can guarantee, that you will receive the same car which you have chosen on our website.

Professionalism and pro-client approach

Taggart car rental Prague offers non-stop 24/7 assistance services. We deliver and pick up our cars absolutely FOR FREE within Prague. If you are from another city, please feel free to contact us at +420 775 592 097 and we will make a tailor-made individual offer. 

If you want to rent a clean, reliable and new/newish car, then Taggart car rental in Prague is the right choice.