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419 CZK / day

12000 CZK / mth

performance 81 kW, Gasoline   gearbox Manual


387 CZK / day

10000 CZK / mth

performance 81 kW, Gasoline   gearbox Manual


500 CZK / day

14000 CZK / mth

performance 110 kW, Gasoline   gearbox Manual


677 CZK / day

19500 CZK / mth

performance 110 kW, Diesel   gearbox Automatic


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13 years of experience

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in case of technical problem or car accident*

Experience in solving car crashes or technical problems

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16 743 075

reliable km by our cars in 2022


car rents in 2022

11 months

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Customers Reviews
Hilary M.

Excellent car rental company. Really efficient and great that they delivered and collected the car in the city centre of Prague for us. Car was very well maintained and would highly recommended this company for anyone looking to hire a vehicle whilst in Prague!

Wendy J.

Excellent service, I've used the company twice for long term rental. Beside the fact that their prices are excellent, the service is amazing, the car was always ready on time at the airport, once I needed to pick it up a bit earlier which wasn't a problem same as returning car slightly later (and during the weekend) because of heavy traffic. I also extended both rentals over the phone which was both times accommodated without any problem. Last time I dropped the car off at the airport and the gentleman who came to pick the car up helped me with all my luggage when he saw I have a three-month-old with me. I will definitely use the for all my future rentals.

Marcello G.

Professional. Very good experience. Driver delivered and picked up the car perfectly on time. Recommended!

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Monthly or long-term car rental

Do you need a car for one, two, six months or a longer period and don't want to commit long-term or spend your savings? Do you need a vehicle with which you won't have any worries or additional costs? Then one of Taggart Car Rental's monthly rental services will be just right for you. Our car rental is a partner to many companies and individuals who value reliability, professional attitude, and a range of services in our car rental agency. We offer only new or nearly new vehicles because only these are capable of meeting the demands of our company and clients for a level of reliability. All the worries about the vehicles are our responsibility, and all you have to do is enjoy the vehicle and, if necessary, call our hotline so we can resolve any situations that arise for you.

Monthly rental services offered:

Flexible car rental or so-called monthly vehicle leasing. This type of car rental is suitable for clients who do not know how long they need a vehicle for, want absolute flexibility, and do not wish to be tied down. This service gives you complete freedom regarding the rental period and the monthly mileage limit. You can easily extend the contract on a monthly basis. At the same time, if necessary, you can return the car at the monthly anniversary, extend the rental, or exchange it for another vehicle free of charge. There are no startup fees to pay because there are none. Flexible vehicle rental is also very adaptable in terms of the monthly rate. If the agreed mileage limit is not sufficient for the month, you just need to send an email and we can adjust your tariff even during the month, and you just pay the difference between the tariff bands.

Long-term car rental is for clients who know they need a vehicle for a minimum number of months and possibly longer, but need to save on rent. Based on this, they can sign a cheaper contract for a fixed term, but they always have the option to terminate their lease during the rental period with a 10-day legal notice period. No penalty is charged for early return; only the difference between the actual tariff band and the contractual one is recalculated. During the contract, you can exchange the vehicle for another at any time without any startup fees, and even with new vehicles, your contract will continue from the previous rental and remain at the same or a better tariff band.

The components of monthly or long-term rental include:

  • Car rental WITHOUT commitments, down payments, or startup fees
  • Vehicle rental without the need for creditworthiness approval or payment morality checks.
  • A large selection of new and nearly new vehicles in stock
  • Flexible tariffs of 2000, 3000, or 4500 km/month with the option to adjust anytime even during the rental
  • Complete insurance and additional assistance coverage within the permitted EU countries
  • Seasonal tires and tire service
  • Complete vehicle service as needed
  • Czech motorway sticker
  • Free delivery within the Prague Metro area.
  • For contracts over 3 months, delivery to any train station in the Czech Republic for only the cost of fuel.
  • Travel abroad within the EU, excluding Romania and Bulgaria, without surcharges
  • Unlimited number of additional drivers WITHOUT surcharges
  • Replacement vehicle in case of a technical fault or insurance event in the Czech Republic, when you are not at fault
  • And most importantly: NO HIDDEN FEES

Reserve your chosen vehicle at Taggart Car Rental Prague today and be pleasantly surprised by the high standard of our vehicles and professional approach.

Advantages of long term rental at Taggart

ACT mobility ACT mobility You just fuel, we solve the rest
Change the car any moment Change the car any moment Not satisfied with the car? No problem, you can change it anytime.
No obligations No obligations You can return the car anytime during the rental month
Without starting fees and downpayments Without starting fees and downpayments You don´t have any starting fees

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