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Taggart Car Rental Prague is a long-term reliable partner for many companies and individuals. We offer our clients only new and newish (maximum 2 years old) cars, which are in perfect technical condition and are therefore reliable and safe. The main goal of the Taggart car rental team is to provide safe and reliable vehicles, accompanied by professional service.

Our auto fleet consists mainly of well-known as well as reliable brands Škoda and Volkswagen. However, we can offer much more thank this. For the narrow streets and full parkings of the Prague old town a tiny Hyundai i20 would be a smart choice. Traveling with family and luggage? No problem. We have a variety of spacious wagon cars to perfectly fit your needs. If you want to make impression or just feel the sun and fresh air during hot summer days, you can have a ride in our convertible Ford Mustang. For travelling with your friends all over Europe it is best to rent 9-seats VW Transporter with automatic transmission or a huge Opel Vivaro. We will always find a car according to your needs. 

Taggart Car Rental in Prague offers different tarriffs, both cheaper with limit and more flexible without limited kilometers. Our main difference from our competitors is that we have individual approach and are able to offer a tailor- made solution to every client. Beside this, we offer a lot of other benefits for our customers.

Our company has three branches in Prague. You can rent a car in the city center near the Main Railway Station, at Prague 5 Smíchov, or at Vaclav Havel Airport. If you live in the city center or somewhere near any metro station, you can have the car delivered for free to any of this location.



Customers Reviews
Hilary M.

Excellent car rental company. Really efficient and great that they delivered and collected the car in the city centre of Prague for us. Car was very well maintained and would highly recommended this company for anyone looking to hire a vehicle whilst in Prague!

Wendy J.

Excellent service, I've used the company twice for long term rental. Beside the fact that their prices are excellent, the service is amazing, the car was always ready on time at the airport, once I needed to pick it up a bit earlier which wasn't a problem same as returning car slightly later (and during the weekend) because of heavy traffic. I also extended both rentals over the phone which was both times accommodated without any problem. Last time I dropped the car off at the airport and the gentleman who came to pick the car up helped me with all my luggage when he saw I have a three-month-old with me. I will definitely use the for all my future rentals.

Marcello G.

Professional. Very good experience. Driver delivered and picked up the car perfectly on time. Recommended!

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Car rental Prague | Taggart

Do you need to rent a car for a short term, weekend or vacation? Not a problem. Taggart car rental Prague is one of the largest car rentals focusing on short-term car rentals. You can rent a car from one day to several weeks. Other family members or colleagues can use the car at NO extra charge. If you plan to travel shorter journeys or, conversely, a longer journey abroad, we have prepared rental tariffs which will fit your trips the best. Cheaper one with limit of 200 km per day or without limit of km. Taggart car rental Prague also offers car rental for trips abroad at no additional charge.

Do you need a car for a longer period of time, but do not want to buy it, bind to long term contract or pay an advance or start fees? Car rental Prague Taggart has prepared great services for you, such as monthly flexible car rental or long-term car rental with three NO, which you will hardly find on the market. NO obligations, NO start fees and NO initial down payment. You can return or exchange the vehicle at any time during the contract. You do not pay any start-up fee for exchange or flexibility. You can have monthly car rentals with a limit of 2000, 3000 or 4500 km / month. If you know that you will need the vehicle for at least 6 months, then you can have it for a cheaper monthly price in the case of long-term car rental.

Do you need to put your car to service but don’t know how long the repair will take? No problem. How about a monthly car rental for 19 days! Price is the same. Yes, you only pay for 19 days of short-term rental and you can have the vehicle for up to 30 days as needed without additional payment for rent.

Whether you decide for any type of car rental, depending on the type of service and location, we can deliver the vehicle directly to your house/hotel and in most cases we will bring the car completely free of charge! Otherwise you can pick up our car at one of the branches of the Taggart car rental in Prague and one is directly near subway Muzeum or Mustek right next to the Main Railway Station in Prague 1 or the second one is just a few minutes' walk from the Smíchov subway/railway station in Prague 5.

Taggart car rental Prague offers in its fleet mostly new cars for rent. You can find various brands such as Skoda, Audi, VW, Hyundai, BMW, etc. You can rent cars with manual or automatic transmission and various bodies and sizes. Are you planning a vacation and need to rent a minibus or multi-seats car? Then you would definitely like the multi-seats Kodiaks, Vivaro or 9-seat Transporter, with whom you can cross the whole of Europe.

Parts of the rental from Taggart car rental Prague:

  • Rental of cars in perfect technical condition
  • Complete insurance and supplementary insurance within the permitted EU states
  • Seasonal tires and tire service
  • Complete car service as needed
  • Free delivery within the Prague metro staton
  • Free delivery to other cities in case of long term contracts.
  • Trips abroad are WITHOUT additional charges
  • Unlimited number of additional drivers for Free
  • Replacement vehicle in the event of a technical failure or insured event when you are not the culprit
  • Czech highway stamp
  • Free car rental at Václav Havel Airport during working hours
  • We do not require payment in advance or before authorization / blocking on the payment card
  • You can pay in cash, by credit card or by bank transfer

And most importantly: NO HIDDEN FEES

Book your selected car in Taggart car rental Prague today and let yourself be pleasantly surprised by the high level of our cars and professional approach. Delivery of the car within the Prague metro is free!

Car rental Taggart in Prague
Car rental Taggart in Prague
Car rental Taggart in Prague

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