FREE Car Delivery within Prague Metro Area

Need to rent a car but don't have time to travel across the city to a branch? That's no longer a problem, thanks to Taggart's innovative car rental service. Now you can rent a car and have it delivered right to the metro station of your choice!
With this revolutionary service, you no longer have to think about how to get from the metro to your destination. How does it work? It's simple:
  1. Book Your Car and Choose the Metro Stop: Reserve the vehicle according to your needs and preferences. Choose from a small personal car, a family car, or a luxury limousine.
  2. Time and Place**: Specify the time you want to pick up the car and the metro station where you want it waiting. Taggart Car Rental Prague's team will handle all the details.
  3. Arrive and Drive Away**: Arrive at the metro station at the appointed time, and your car will be ready. Just get in and start your journey!
With this new service, you'll save the time and energy that you'd otherwise spend looking for parking or using public transportation. Plus, you're assured your car will be waiting for you exactly where you need it.
Taggart is synonymous with reliability and quality, and this new service is yet another step towards ensuring maximum comfort for our customers. Whether you're traveling to work, a meeting, or on a trip, you can count on Taggart to provide the perfect way to get where you need to go.
Forget the stress of finding a parking spot and embrace the new standard in Prague car rentals. Car delivery and pick-up in Prague with Taggart brings you a new level of comfort and efficiency.
Book your metro-delivered car today and experience stress-free Prague!


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Updated: 19.10.2023 17:16